Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions

Alberta Prairie offers an exciting one day adventure on board a real steam or diesel-powered train. Different themes are enacted throughout the season, including murder mysteries, family, dinner theatre, seniors and teddy bear specials.

At some point during your excursion the train may be brought to a screeching halt. Look out! It's the dreaded outlaw "Reynolds Raiders". They are known to frequent these parts and on occasion hold up the train. But fear not the Canadian Metis hero, Gabriel Dumont, is there to stop them. After a short but furious gun battle, the money the outlaws took from passengers is retrieved. Since it's impossible to tell who the money belongs to, it is donated to a number of children's charities.

Different rates are charged for different excursions, please check out the website for a full list of fares and excursions. Reservations are RECOMMENDED.

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