World's Largest Golf Tee

Come check out the 40 foot Tee located just off of Highway 21 at The Trochu Golf Course!

In the summer 2009 ATB Financial held their Teenormous contest. First prize, the World's Largest Golf Tee. Councillor Bill Cunningham read about the contest and immediately brought the idea to Town Council to get their support. Little did he know that local business owner Paula Kowalchuk had read the very same article and had contacted Golf Club Manager Audrey Nelson to start to get the ball rolling on this contest.

The three got together with Golf Club President Norm Silberstein and town employee Blaine Peterson to get the ball rolling on their application. After a few short weeks a video featuring some of the local golfing talent as well as the golf club itself was shot, edited, and sent in. After weeks of waiting and hoping for the best it was announced that Trochu had been chosen as a finalist, along with Marwayne and Camrose. ATB Financial sent out their media team to interview some of the people involved and created their own video that was then shown, along with videos of the other two communities, on the website www.wearealberta.ca where the public could vote for their favourite.

With over two thirds of the votes at the end of the contest there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Trochu had just earned itself the 40 foot tall golf tee. On September 30th ATB Financial again returned with their team to officially present the Tee to the community.

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