Castor Pharmacy Museum

The museum is representative of an early turn of the century Western Canadian pharmacy. Part of the charm and appeal is that it could be moved to just about any small town in Western Canada where it would be as representative there as it is in Castor. Attempts have been made to make the pharmacy interesting to people of all ages.

Farmers and ranchers will find a veterinary section while ladies will have cabinets of cosmetics and toiletries, a baby cabinet, and also an assortment of general merchandise that was sold in the 1920's. Children will have an opportunity to see candy and chocolates.

Pharmacists will be interested in the excellent collection of artifacts, jars, books, pamphlets and products. These items all reflect an era of pharmaceutical history.

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5010 - 50 Avenue
Castor, Alberta, T0C 0X0

Phone: (403) 882-3356
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