Southern Alberta Weekend (SAW) VIII / Aug 18, 2017 to Jun 20, 2017

SEARCH (South East Alberta Region Cache Hunters) a registered non-profit Geocaching club in SE Alberta, ran by volunteers. The goal is to make Medicine Hat the top Alberta destination for Geocaching. To get family involvement, physical activity, friendship in our outdoor sport & CITO (Cache In Trash Out). Promote Geocaching within our community, by providing events, quality caches & opportunities to learn about Geocaching!

Join us for the 8th annual Southern Alberta Weekend of Geochaching.

Friday, August 18th Events:

  • Welcome to SAW VIII
  • Midnight Recharge

Saturday, August 19th Events:

  • SEARCHMH Reboot
  • Flash Mob
  • Cache and Relax Medicine Hat (CARMH) VIII

Sunday, August 20th Events:

  • Smokies & Dogs - Cache In, Trash Out (CITO)

More information will be made available on our website as details are confirmed.

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300 Mitchell St SE
Redcliff, Alberta, T0J 2P0

Phone: (403) 999-9999
Email: searchmh.info@gmail.com
Website: Visit

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