Settler Tales and Historic Rails Tour

This tour through the Canadian Badlands transports you back more than a century ago to the unique pioneer community of Stirling.  Discover the unique history of this Mormon agricultural village, based on the Plat of Zion, and now designated a National Historic Site. Tour an 1891 border train station and delight in homemade fruit pies and ice cream.

Be sure to look up driving times before you depart. A full list of visitor centers as well as contact information for attractions on this tour can be found by downloading the tour document.

The Canadian Badlands Touring Routes aim to follow good secondary highways and occasionally, offer gravel-road alternatives. Please drive carefully and respect private property. Every effort has been made to ensure accurate information at the time of publication. You are advised to conduct further research in advance. We are unable to accept responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or injury sustained as a result of anyone relying upon this information.

Tour Route

1. Part Two highlights | Michelsen Farm

The Andreas Michelsen Farmstead, declared a provincial historic resource in 2001, contains the village’s best-preserved pioneer house, which is now open to the pubic Friday through Monday and can be viewed by appointment outside of those days. Keep an eye out for remnants of irrigation ditches that nurtured this arid prairie community.

2. Part Three highlights | Galt Historic Railway Park

Take advantage of a joint pass offered by the Michelson Farmstead and the Galt Historic Railway Park for same day visits. The park’s showpiece is the long train station depot, moved to Stirling in 2000 from Coutts, where from 1890 to 1917 it straddled the Canada- U.S. border.

3. Part Four highlights | Michelsons' Marsh

A few kilometres northwest of Stirling, is Michelsons’ Marsh (road sign), a bird lover’s paradise with a viewing platform overlooking the reedy waters. In spring, it’s one of the first stopovers in Canada for tens of thousands of migrating ducks and geese. In fall, tundra swans and snow geese pause here on their long journey south. Be sure to bring your camera to capture some amazing moments of history and nature at its finest.

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