Travois Ale Works

The story of Travois Ale Works involves chance meetings, good timing, and a love of beer shared between four fellas named Jacques, Rob, Jorey, and Todd. The four guys put their heads and hearts together and the hard work began. Months of renovations and equipment installation came together steadily. Working closely with local craftspeople and tradesmen, the partners restored the 1939-built space, discovering the original IXL brick walls in the process. The charm and history of the space seemed a natural extension to the philosophy behind a neighborhood brewery creating authentic ales for locals and visitors alike. Right now, the only place you can try their revolutionary American and traditional European ales are in their one-of-a-kind old school public tasting room. This 55-seat room offers several small-batch brews that are constantly changing as new recipes are unearthed and created. A cozy loft above is the perfect place to accommodate a get together with friends over a pint of ale.