Trekcetera Museum

Trekcetera is Canada’s unique museum experience, blending real history with film and television history featuring authentic actor-worn costumes, screen-used props and set pieces from the Star Trek universe as well as displays from other iconic movies and TV series such as Harry Potter, Superman, Brokeback Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunderbirds, Captain America, Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova, Men in Black, Magnificent Seven and much more. Begin your time travel adventure. Engage your senses as you walk through displays from the Wild West to the Final Frontier of Star Trek. Along the way, touch real history at the Titanic display. Connect with other historical events and see real life artifacts from R.M.S. Olympic (Titanic’s twin sister), the U.S. 7th Cavalry, and even some real pirate treasure from a sunken Spanish Galleon. Touch and hold props from various film and TV shows. Take amazing photos – only available at Trekcetera Museum. Nowhere else can you stand in a real Star Trek Borg Alcove or sit in actor Tom Hardy’s Shinzon Captain’s Chair from Star Trek Nemesis. Learn exciting background stories that bring the displays to life. The curator will share stories of his real-life experience on film sets. Do you have a deep interest in one or more of their displays? They will discuss those films with you in-depth. And take all the pictures you want! Trekcetera Museum also makes a great venue for gatherings, meetings and weddings.


Canadian Culture