Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station offers comprehensive information on tourist attractions in and around the town of Vulcan and Vulcan County. The town of Vulcan was founded in 1913 by a CPR surveyor who had a fondness for Roman Mythology and named the town after the Roman god of fire. Originally all the streets in Vulcan were named after the gods and goddesses of the classical world such as Juno, Mars and Jupiter. Vulcan was incorporated as a village in 1912 and as a Town in 1921. In March 2010, Vulcan, Alberta, formally recognized as "Official Star Trek Capital of Canada". In the Star Trek television and feature film series, Vulcan is the name of the home world of Spock and his fellow Vulcan's. Capitalizing on this coincidence, the town has become a worldwide known tourist attraction with the building of Star Trek themed tourist center and replica of the star ship Enterprise. The ship was erected in 1995 three years before the Trek Station was built. The Trek Station was opened in October 1998.