County of Newell

The County of Newell is best known as the home of Dinosaur Provincial Park, a World Heritage Site harbouring spectacular badlands and renowned beds of dinosaur fossils. It’s also the heart of Canada’s largest network of irrigated farming.

Learn about the area’s rich water history by visiting the Brooks Aqueduct – an 80-year-old engineering marvel and national historic site – the Bassano Dam and the Eastern Irrigation District Museum.Irrigation has also dotted the county with numerous lakes and reservoirs.  Comminuties in the County of Newell include Bassanno, Duchess, and Scandia.

Key Community Features

Home of the Dinosaur provincial park, The County of Newell also provides insight into irrigated farming with the Brooks Aqueduct, the Bassano Dam as well as the Eastern Irrigation Distric Museum.

Enjoy great water sports at Lake Newell, fish at Crawling Valley Reservoir and watch for pelicans, cormorants and many other birds at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park.

Don't Miss

Dinosaur Provincial Park; Duchess Golf Course; Patricia Hotel Steak Pit; Rolling Hills Golf Course; Eastern Irrigation District Park in Scandia