What is now Drumheller once lay on the Coastal Lowlands by a vast Inland Sea. The environment was ideal for the dinosaurs that roamed the area. Great sheets of ice that crept down from the north retreated little more than 10,000 years ago carving deep trenches into the prairie landscape. Erosion has since sculpted the hillsides, uncovering the bones of dinosaurs and shaping the dramatic and mysterious badlands. Early explorers noted the coal and bones in the valley – and prosperity as the first mine opened in 1911.

Key Community Features

The world class Royal Tyrrell Museum is located here along with many other unique attractions. The town services a large agricultural and ranch area.

Don't Miss

Badlands Historical Center; Bleriot Ferry; East Coulee School Museum; Funland Amusement Park; Homestead Antique Museum; Little Church; World’s Largest Dinosaur; Dinosaur Trail Golf Club;  Caracol Clay Studio; Atlas Coal Mine; Canadian Badlands Passion Play