Foremost means "first" or "at the leading point" and was named by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1913 when the railroad was brought from Lethbridge. Today, Foremost can also be thought of as the “Gateway to the Parks”.

Within one hour’s drive of this central community are 40 Mile Park (15 minutes north), Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park (60 minutes southeast), and Writing On Stone Provincial Park (30 minutes southwest). No matter which direction you choose to drive, you’re likely to spot wildlife – just one of the reasons that Foremost is a popular location for wildlife watchers and hunters.

Key Community Features

While visiting Foremost enjoy a day on the green at the Foremost Golf Club, or spend an evening or two at one of the campgrounds located in this stunning little community.

Don't Miss

Foremost Golf Club; Foremost Fishing Dam & Fishing Hole; Foremost Campground; Wayside Campsite