Irricana was settled in the early 1900’s when both the CPR and CNR built rail lines through the town. Surrounded by some of the most productive farmland in Alberta, the name Irricana was derived from the many irrigation canals which flowed through the area.

The town is only 20 minutes east of Airdrie, 35 minutes northeast of Calgary off highway 567 and highway 9, and is known for its progressive residential developments, business opportunities and favourable country lifestyle.

Key Community Features

Around the town you’ll see seven murals depicting colourful country scenes. Most of the murals have incorporated the town’s symbol, a white picket fence, and if you look closely you’ll see a mouse hidden somewhere in the design; a tribute to Irricana’s mascot “Squeaky” the country mouse.

In front of the old Irricana Hotel is another highlight of the town’s cultural collection. Known as “Old Smoky”, this life size steel sculpture of a horse was commissioned by a resident to commemorate his life in Irricana.

Irricana has a municipal campground, ball diamonds, rodeo grounds, walking trails, a splash park and picnic gazebo and is located just south of the popular Pioneer Acres Museum.

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