Magrath was established in 1899 by settlers sent by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Utah and Idaho. These Mormon settlers were recruited by the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company to construct irrigation works in the areas. The settlers were paid cash and land in the town. This was the first major irrigation work in Canada and was made possible by the settlers' experience withe the extensive irrigation projects undertaken by their church in Utah and Idaho.

Magrath began as a small farming community, and although it continues to service the surrounding farming population it has quietly changed into more of a bedroom community for the neighbouring city of Lethbridge and to a lesser extent the town of Cardston. It was known early on for its irrigation canal system which supplied water to local farmers. At the time, the canal system was state-of-the-art and was a huge undertaking.

Key Community Features

Magrath is known for its natural beauty, its oasis-like appearance, and its outstanding quality of life. For example, the community has large protected natural areas and historic parks, renowned concert and field bands, one of the highest North American primary and secondary education standards, prominent sport and recreation programs, its well known gardens, and one of the best 18 hole golf courses in Western Canada.

It is less well known as a living example of utopian city planning and as the center of one of the richest tourism, recreation, ranching, irrigated agriculture, and scenic regions in the world.

Don't Miss

Many recreational facilities, the Galt Canal Nature Trail; 18 hole golf course