Milo had its beginning in 1909 when Pete Soli built a store and living quarters for the Aasgards about two miles northeast of its present location. Shortly thereafter, the post office moved from the home of Milo Munroe to the store. Then, like a mushroom one business after another grew up. A blacksmith shop as well as the Bank of Hamilton opened and round-the-clock telephone service was available. Next to the telephone office was a pool hall and an ice-ream parlor. There was also a meat market. Down the road to the north was the U.F.A. hall.

A new era began when the railroad was extended in 1924 – Milo had to be moved. Most of the buildings were pulled to the new location just as they stood. One building, the hall, was too large and was dismantled in sections to be reassembled at its new location. Through the untiring efforts of the Board of Trade, village status was achieved in 1931.

Key Community Features

Today Milo is a clean, close-knit thriving community that has grown and prospered over the years. There are several businesses serving the community and two churches: United and Lutheran. A beautiful new Community Hall was opened in 1985 and in 1998 a new kitchen, lobby and bar where added to the Curling Rink. The local Lions Club operates and maintains a grassed and well-treed playground for the children, which with its automatic sprinklers, is a busy spot for picnickers as well. Enjoy Milo’s proximity to many natural attractions and experiences.

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McGregor Lake, Bicycle and Walking Paths, Majorville Cairn, Coffin Handle Butte, Lions Park, Crowfoot Ferry, Tennis Courts, Curling Rink