Trochu is located in East Central Alberta approximately 80 kilometers southeast of Red Deer. Functioning primarily as an agricultural service centre, Trochu has a trading area population of approximately 5,000. Highway 21, a major north/south transportation artery in East Central Alberta, intersects with Secondary Highway 585 at Trochu. These roadways provide Trochu with excellent transportation links.

The topography of the area surrounding the Town consists of rolling farmland. The town itself is situated on the north bank of a large coulee that contains the Trochu Creek, a tributary of the Kneehills Creek which in turn flows into the Red Deer River.  The land slopes from a high point in the Northwest of the town towards the coulee in the Southeast.

Key Community Features

The history of Trochu dates back to the early 1900’s when French cavalrymen came to the area and built the St. Ann Ranch Trading Company. The St. Ann Ranch remains, and is a historical site that offers bed and breakfast accommodation, tea house and interpretative centre. The Trochu Valley museum features exhibits of the history of Trochu and District, dinosaur bones, fossils, and Indian artifacts. Nature Lovers will adore the Trochu Arboretum and Gardens. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Park is a great spot for a picnic and discovery.

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World’s Largest Golf Tee; Trochu Arboretum & Gardens; St. Ann Ranch Museum & Interpretive Centre; Trochu Golf & Country Club; Trochu & District Museum