Dinosaur Provincial Park Credit: Travel Alberta

Hiking in the Canadian Badlands

St. Mary Upper Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Sunset Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Shoreline Trail Elkwater, Alberta
St. Mary Lower Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Beaver Creek Loop Elkwater, Alberta
Dinosaur Campground Brooks, Alberta
Mitchell Creek Elkwater, Alberta
Elizabeth Hall Wetlands Lethbridge, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park Comfort Camping Carseland, Alberta
Park Lake Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Campground Carseland, Alberta
Police Point Park Nature Centre Medicine Hat, Alberta
Old Baldy Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park Carseland, Alberta
Firerock Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Battle Creek Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Fossil Prospecting Hike Brooks, Alberta
Popson Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Botterill Bottom Park Lethbridge, Alberta
RyKie Images & Events Duchess, Alberta
Guided Excavation One-Day Dig Brooks, Alberta
Elkwater Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Payne Lake Campground Cardston, Alberta
Cypress Hills Provincial Park Dark Sky Preserve Elkwater, Alberta
Spring Creek Equestrian Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Indian Battle Park Lethbridge, Alberta
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Brooks Aqueduct National and Provincial Historic Site Brooks, Alberta
Soggy Bottom Elkwater, Alberta
Ferguson Hill Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Highline Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Lakeside Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Adventures in Yoga Drumheller, Alberta
Ramada Brooks Brooks, Alberta
Pavan Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Writing-on-Stone Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Helen Schuler Nature Centre Lethbridge, Alberta
Big Knife Campground Stettler, Alberta
Sunset Tour Brooks, Alberta
Police Outpost Provincial Park Cardston, Alberta
Mystery Trail Elkwater, Alberta
My Fly Guy Coalhurst, Alberta
Big Knife Provincial Park Stettler, Alberta
Red Rock Coulee Natural Area Seven Persons, Alberta
Old Baldy Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Guided Excavation Two Day Dig Brooks, Alberta
Rodeo Loop Elkwater, Alberta
Royal Tyrrell Museum Drumheller, Alberta
Spruce Coulee Elkwater, Alberta
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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Plateau Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Drumheller Rocks GeoTourism Drumheller, Alberta
Centrosaurus Quarry Hike Brooks, Alberta
Midland Provincial Park Drumheller, Alberta
Police Outpost Campground Cardston, Alberta
Peenaquim Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Parks Comfort Camping Brooks, Alberta
Alberta Big Game Outfitters Lethbridge, Alberta
Horseshoe Canyon Campground Drumheller, Alberta
Alexander Wilderness Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Horseshoe Canyon Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Reesor Dock Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Beaver Creek Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Reesor Lake Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Lakeside Trail Pine Lake, Alberta
Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Information Center Brooks, Alberta
Firerock Trail Elkwater, Alberta
Rochon Sands Provincial Park Stettler, Alberta
Bull Trail Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Dinosaur Provincial Park Patricia, Alberta