Cypress Hills Provincial Park Credit: AB Parks

Tent Camping in the Canadian Badlands

Payne Lake Campground Cardston, Alberta
Municipal Resevoir Campground Acadia Valley, Alberta
Police Outpost Campground Cardston, Alberta
Starland Recreation Area Morrin, Alberta
Saokii RV Park and Campground Oyen, Alberta
Spruce Coulee Elkwater, Alberta
Champion Campground & Park Champion, Alberta
Canabreeze Tour and Travel Lethbridge, Alberta
Hanna Golf and Country Club-Camping Facility Hanna, Alberta
Carbon East Campground Carbon, Alberta
Dinosaur Provincial Park Patricia, Alberta
Rosemary Municipal Campground Rosemary, Alberta
Writing-on-Stone Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Delia Campground Delia, Alberta
Blood Indian Park Youngstown, Alberta
Keiver's Lake Three Hills, Alberta
Cavan Lake Recreational Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Covered Wagon RV Park Magrath, Alberta
Gold Springs Park Milk River, Alberta
Enchant Municipal Park Enchant, Alberta
Veteran Centennial Park Campground Veteran, Alberta
Prairie Oasis Park Hanna, Alberta
Marshall Field Campground Acadia Valley, Alberta
Huber Dam Castor, Alberta
St. Mary Lower Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Coronation Dam Campground Coronation, Alberta
Michichi Dam Recreation Area Morrin, Alberta
Lodgepole Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Centennial Reunion Square Stirling, Alberta
Cereal Board of Trade Campground Cereal, Alberta
Handhills HighCountry Hideaway Drumheller, Alberta
Tailcreek Raceway Alix, Alberta
Tillebrook Provincial Park Brooks, Alberta
Virginia Mitchell Memorial Park Vulcan, Alberta
Gas City Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Tail Creek Park Nevis, Alberta
Wyndham-Carseland Campground Carseland, Alberta
Kettle Point Group Camp Pine Lake, Alberta
Cardston Reunion Centre Cardston, Alberta
11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cozy Cabin Park Rosedale, Alberta
Battle Creek Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Park Lake Provincial Park Lethbridge, Alberta
Big Knife Provincial Park Stettler, Alberta
Prairie Junction R.V. Resort Stettler, Alberta
Vulcan Municipal Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Lakeview Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Emerson Bridge Park Campground Brooks, Alberta
Linden Municipal Campground Linden, Alberta
Castor Lions Campground Castor, Alberta
Halkirk Recreation and Rodeo Grounds Campground Halkirk, Alberta
Park Lake Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
8th Annual Southern Alberta Music Festival August 7 – 9, 2020
Crawling Valley Campground Bassano, Alberta
Grand Forks Park & Campground Grassy Lake, Alberta
Big Knife Campground Stettler, Alberta
Beiseker Municipal Campground Beiseker, Alberta
Elkwater Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Jubilee Park Campground Magrath, Alberta
Berry Street Campground Halkirk, Alberta
Lake McGregor Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Frank Fooks Memorial Park Acme, Alberta
Spring Creek Equestrian Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Hoodoo RV Resort & Campground Drumheller, Alberta
Irricana Municipal Campground (Founders Park) Irricana, Alberta
Hays Campground Hays, Alberta
Elnora Campground Elnora, Alberta
Good Knights' Medieval Encampment Three Hills, Alberta
St. Mary Upper Campground Lethbridge, Alberta
Old Baldy Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Spruce Coulee Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Reesor Dock Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Travers Dam Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Homestead Campground Stettler, Alberta
Firerock Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Sandy Point Park Hilda, Alberta
Little Bow Provincial Park Vulcan, Alberta
Paradise Corner RV Campground Hanna, Alberta
Rochon Sands Campground Stettler, Alberta
Tillebrook Campground Brooks, Alberta
Woolford Provincial Park Cardston, Alberta
Kinbrook Island Provincial Park Brooks, Alberta
The Narrows Campground Stettler, Alberta
Little Bow Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Three Hills Campground Three Hills, Alberta
Alberta Big Game Outfitters Lethbridge, Alberta
Haunted Lake Golf Club Campground Alix, Alberta
Castor RV Campground Castor, Alberta
Reesor Lake Campground Medicine Hat, Alberta
Redcliff Campground Redcliff, Alberta
Train Days June 20, 2020
The Narrows Provincial Recreation Area Stettler, Alberta
Woolford Campground Cardston, Alberta
Ol' MacDonald's Resort Stettler, Alberta
Buffalo Lake Provincial Recreation Area Stettler, Alberta
Under 8 Flags Campground Milk River, Alberta
Little Bow Reservoir Campground Vulcan, Alberta
Aspen Crossing Campground RV Park Mossleigh, Alberta
Carbon Main Campground Carbon, Alberta
Strathmore Recreation Campground & RV Park Strathmore, Alberta
Lee Creek Campground Cardston, Alberta
Town of Stettler Campground Stettler, Alberta
Kinbrook Island Campground Brooks, Alberta
Vauxhall Lions Campground Vauxhall, Alberta
Perrett Park Campground Raymond, Alberta
Grassy Lake Community Campground Grassy Lake, Alberta
Dinosaur Campground Brooks, Alberta
Rockyford Campground Rockyford, Alberta
RCMP Centennial Park Oyen, Alberta